Raja Gidh Novel Complete By Bano Qudsia Free Download

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Raja Gidh Novel Complete

Raja Gidh is very an interesting and popular novel which is written by Bano Qudsia in Urdu Language. Bano Qudsia is very honorable and most senior Urdu writer of Pakistan. It is the story of the third period in which all the students of MA class were present and girls are sitting in very first row. 

The day was very cloudily and awesome. The previous time was very hot like June and July. Few days are going on according to their capabilities and mostly look fine and shine. Prof Sohail asks to the innocent girl to introduce you. 

We are assuming the different name of her from admission to till today. She stand out and said sir my name is Seemi Shah and I have done B.A and my subject was psychology and history. Seemi is very innocent, attractive and shine girl. She belongs to a rich family and Prof Sohail belongs to a Kashmiri Family. 

He wants to Seemi from heart and wants to marry her but he is very sensitive about that decision because he does not want to force to Seemi. In addition Sohail is going to take interest to manage their family business.

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Devta Novel Complete By Mohiuddin Nawab Free Download

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Devta Novel Complete 

Devta is a narrow escape novel which is written by Mohiuddin Nawab in the Urdu Language. It was first published in 1977 which almost continue till 2010. Devta is the journal of Farhad Ali Taimoor, a man who achieves visionary power. 

Mohiuddin Nawab is a very popular and social novel writer of Pakistan as well as in the whole world where the Urdu language is common. Mohiuddin Nawab is playing a vital role in the whole world by writing outstanding fictional novels. Devta is the title of the novel which denotes that ‘God’ or in simple words God of Hindu doctrine. 

Farhad Ali Taimoor has a strong relationship with outside powers and working for the secrets agents. They are known as the most strong powerful group in the whole world. Mohiuddin Nawab is providing very interesting stories in all the novels which is read out by a thousand fans so they also demand fictional novels more as well so it is the basic reason that Mohiuddin Nawab mostly spent their valuable time to think and write fiction novels according to the demand of their fans as well the need of the literature so it is very hard working to write such an amazing interesting Urdu fiction novels.

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Devta Novel Complete Parts

Humsafar Novel By Farhat Ishtiaq Pdf Free Download

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Humsafar Novel By Farhat Ishtiaq

Humsafar Novel by Farhat Ishtiaq is available to free download from our website. It is defining the importance of a valuable relationship with friends and relatives. It is written by most popular Urdu writer Umera Ahmed in Urdu PDF format. I am very happy when reader provides feedback after reading my novels and find out social or real relation belong to someone so if we talk about ‘Humsafar Urdu Novel’ which is the story of non-trusted relations of peoples. 

If someone is not going to keep trust in you than the importance of love is fall down very badly. My favorite role in Humsafar is Hareem and it is my longest novel yet. It is the responsibility of the writer to provide quality content in the novels. It was a very hot day and the sun is so close to her. She pays money to the rickshaw driver and goes on the top building at the front side. It is very beautiful and fabulous building in society. 

She comes here and meets someone in this building. Now she opens the door and enters the first step in the building. She comes here first time so that’s why she does not know to the relevant person. She asks about that boy from the reception and going to take a lift. She also thinks about the importance of children and their loving relation. It is a very interesting and loving story so now you can download it and share an amazing story with your friends.

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Shehr e Zaat Urdu Novel By Umera Ahmed Free Download

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Shehr e Zaat Urdu Novel

Shehr e Zaat Urdu Novel is available to free Download from our website. It is very popular and interesting novel which is written by Umera Ahmed in Urdu PDF format. Shehr e Zaat Urdu novel was first published in Shuaa Digest as an incomplete novel. Umera Ahmed is providing quality and meaningful novels to their audience and which was read out by a thousand peoples. 

She is playing a vital role in the world by providing fabulous content to their fans. She also writes other popular Urdu novels and English novels. In this novel, she describes the story about Falak, who belongs to a rich family and another one whose name is Salman. She is trying day by day to meet with Salman and then realize him about love. 

One day Falak is going to ready for an event where Salman will become so she trying to look more innocent but her friend told her you to look a queen even without makeup you never need it. It is necessary for those peoples who are not looking shine and fine. So, it might be possible Salman will not come at marriage event. 

Now Falak is looking more innocent and going on a wedding ceremony where she falls in love with Salman. At last Falak ready to get arrange a marriage with Salman and both live happily. To read this novel complete than downloading it and share with your friends.

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Jo Bache Hain Sang Samait Lo Novel Pdf Free Download

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Jo Bache Hain Sang Samait Lo

Jo Bache Hain Sang Samait Lo is very popular and viral romantic Urdu novel which is written by Farhat Ishtiaq in Urdu PDF format. She also writes another most interesting Urdu Novel like Humsafar, Mata Jaan Hai Tu and so on. Farhat Ishtiaq plays a vital role to write a quality Urdu novel which was read out by a thousand peoples and share with their friends. 

She elaborate that there was a darkness and nobody was listen to his words what he was going to communicate, He was fully afraid off and trying again and again to call someone who helps me to keep a safe journey to the right place but he weeping again and again and nobody was ready to save him. 

He also listens to the voice of someone laughing during weeping. Who was there that is going to laugh on his bad condition. Now he opens their eyes and find out himself on their sleeping bedroom and also turn on bedroom light to decrease the level of darkness but he is not going to find himself safe. After all activities now finally he fined himself at the beautiful place of Italy. At last, he is trying to sleep but failed much time. Now you can download the complete novel and share with your friends.

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Aab E Hayat Complete Novel By Umera Ahmed Free Download Pdf

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Aab e Hayat Full Novel

Aab e Hayat is the most famous and interesting Urdu Novel which is written by Umera Ahmed in Urdu PDF format. It is the second part of the Peer e Kamil Urdu Novel which is published by Umera Ahmed in 2004 after that It was decided to not publish Aab e Hayat Urdu Novel due to the popularity and real understanding of Peer e Kamil Urdu Novel by her the audience so our basic purpose was successfully achieved then I decided to publish this amazing Urdu Novel. 

The topic of the Aab e Hayat Urdu Novel is “Interest” which is strictly prohibited by the HOLY PROPHET (PBUH) in His Last Speech but everyone is going to follow it. Most of the readers will not be going to understand Aab e Hayat real message that is free from Interest. But I am going to define and elaborate examples of real role model of Islam and in future, one day will become on that day everybody follows the culture of Islam like as today following the culture of western countries. 

Interest is not beneficial for anyone because it is prohibited in Islam as other things are banned by HOLY QURAN. So, it is the responsibility of every Muslim to follow the rules and regulations of Islam and also teach to others. You can download Aab e Hayat full novel by Umera Ahmed PDF and also share it with your friends.

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Peer E Kamil Complete Novel in Urdu Free Download Pdf

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Peer e Kamil Complete

Peer e Kamil is a very valuable and amazing Urdu Novel in the history which means perfect adviser. It is written by very popular Urdu novelist writer by Umera Ahmed in Urdu PDF format. It was published in 2004 and readout by millions of people even not in Pakistan but in the whole world. 

It is concerned with every problem you face in your life and how to meet with tough conditions so be ready to know all the things which you would like to observe and need to find out it. It defines what is the biggest wish of her life and also pays attention to write this fantastic novel for their fans.

It is the real story of two people one is Imama Hashim and another one is Salar Sikander. He is very intelligent and having 150 IQ level and Imama is also a good girl later than they spend most of the time with each other. Imama elaborate that she wants to become a good eye care specialist in Pakistan because I am working hard and pay full attention to my dreams and purpose of life and also want to play a vital role in the history of Pakistan so that’s why I want to live for a long time. Now you can download it to read complete this novel and share an interesting story with your friends.

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Kajal Kotha By Baba Yahya Khan Pdf Free Download

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Kajal Kotha Complete By Baba Muhammad Yahya Khan Pdf

A very comprehensive and interesting Urdu novel which name “Kajal Kotha” completes read and free download. It is written by Baba Muhammad Yahiya Khan in Urdu PDF format. It defines all the real stories of the different people under the supervision of Baba Muhammad Yahiya Khan, which play a vital role in the research field and find out interesting material for their audience. It also contains social and viral stories of major personalities which are the following;

Bano Qudsiya, Muzafar Warsi, Mustansar Hussain Tar, Amjad Islam Amjad and much more.

You can read out very interesting communication of all the above writers which elaborate all the important steps of life like, how to survive in tough condition, what are the basic reasons of failure, if you have a plan then you will succeed in your life and think out differently.

Baba Muhammad Yahiya Khan also introduces Ranjeet Shahi Kotha which is situated at Shahi Muhalla. When you read it then you will find out loving and romantic stories of different peoples and after complete reading this novel you will find out new ideas and change the lifestyle of the peoples. It also motivates all the readers to think differently. Now you can free download it and share with your all friends.