Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Aab e Hayat Complete Novel By Umera Ahmed Free Download

Aab e Hayat Novel

Aab e Hayat Complete Novel By Umera Ahmed Free Download

Aab e hayat Novel: It is the most famous and interesting Urdu Novel which is written by Umera Ahmed in Urdu Pdf format. It is the second part of the Peer e Kamil Urdu Novel which is published by Umera Ahmed in 2004 after that It was decided to not publish Aab e Hayat Urdu Novel due to the popularity and real understanding of Peer e Kamil Urdu Novel by her the audience so our basic purpose was successfully achieved then I decided to publish this amazing Urdu Novel.


The topic of the Aab e Hayat Urdu Novel is “Interest” which is strictly prohibited by the HOLY PROPHET (PBUH) in His Last Speech but everyone is going to follow it. Most of the readers will not be going to understand Aab e Hayat real message that is free from Interest. But I am going to define and elaborate examples of real role model of Islam and in future, one day will become on that day everybody follows the culture of Islam like as today following the culture of western countries. 

Interest is not beneficial for anyone because it is prohibited in Islam as other things are banned by HOLY QURAN. So, it is the responsibility of every Muslim to follow the rules and regulations of Islam and also teach to others. You can download Aab e Hayat full novel by Umera Ahmed PDF and also share it with your friends.

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