Monday, January 22, 2018

Umrao Jaan Ada Urdu Novel Free Download

umrao jaan ada

Umrao Jaan Ada Urdu Novel Free Download

Umrao Jaan Ada: Free download or read online Umrao Jaan Ada Urdu novel in Pdf format. It is written by famous Pakistani writer Mirza Hadi Ruswa in 1899. He also writes a different type of fiction novels and day by day become popular. In this novel, the interesting thing is that once upon a time 10 years ago one of my friends Ahmed Hassan came at Likhnao for an outing. 

He books his private room on rent near Syed Hussain gate. In the evening time, lots of people are sitting together and communicate with each other. Also, share different ideas on different interesting topics. Ahmed Hassan likes to listen to everybody constantly and retain everything in his memory. 

One day everybody is going to sing a song in a romantic way, during enjoyment everybody listens to the voice of a female like she is going to provide good remarks about singing. One person came into the room and loudly said who Mirza Ruswa is? She is calling to Mirza Ruswa please come back soon. Mirza Ruswa is going to meet with that girl and when he enters into the room then find Umrao Jaan Ada and said you are there. 

I am searching for you everywhere but still now find you by listen to your romantic voice. Let’s go with me and enjoy you. She replied I will come tomorrow because today I am not going to find myself easy.

Overview of the Novel

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