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Bas Ik Dagh E Nidamat Urdu Novel Free Download

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Bas Ik Dagh E Nidamat Urdu Novel Free Download

Free download or read online Urdu Novel Bas Ik Dagh e Nidamat in PDF format. It is written by one of the best and famous Urdu novel writer Umera Ahmed in the Urdu language. It is very interesting and famous Urdu novel. 

She describes in this novel that gate was open and enter into the house. Everything is going to keep silence. Whenever she comes before then that time feel too much loud of babies. She is not in a position to knock the door because she feels very sad and hopeless. She sits in the main stairs of the house and starts weeping slowly. 

Momal is coming back now! What? Memoona surprised and asked where Momal is? Just tell me where is Farooq? And any update regarding that. Now Farooq is going to sleep at this time. When Momal listening voice of her sister in law and then she starts weeping more loudly. If you like these novels download it and then also share with your all friends.

Overview of the Novel

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