Monday, July 30, 2018

Urdu Novel Jannat k Pattay complete By Nimra Ahmed

urdu novel jannat k pattay download

Urdu Novel Jannat k Pattay complete By Nimra Ahmed

Free Download Jannat Kay Pattay Urdu Novel in PDF format. It is written by Nimra Ahmed in Urdu language. Jannat Kay Pattay PDF is very interesting Urdu novel of Nimra Ahmed. Jannat Kay Pattay full novel PDF file download from our website. 

Nimra Ahmed describes in this novel that she is trying to go to sleep while working on a laptop. One finger is on laptop pad and doing own personal work. Her hairstyle is very nice and the eyes are like the moon. 

She is reading that novel and suddenly gets shocked after that try to think that is true or just like a dream. She is searching for her mobile phone and ready to call someone at midnight. Now she is calling to Zara, hey hello Zara! How are you? 

I am Haya are you not sleeping yet just listen to me, I have great news. Ok just guess what I am going to tell you. Do you remember about Erasmus Mundus Exchange Program for which we applied? Can you believe it Zara I am selected for Europe union scholarship. Oh my GOD really. 

Yes I get email from university 15 mins ago. Now we will go to Istanbul for one semester 5-month program. Readout complete Jannat Kay Pattay after downloading from our website and share it on social media.