Saturday, August 11, 2018

Dil Se Uska Rishta Novel By Nighat Abdullah PDF

Dil se uska rishta

Dil Se Uska Rishta Novel By Nighat Abdullah PDF

Free Download Novel Dil Se Uska Rishta in PDF format. It is written by Nighat Abdullah in the Urdu language. You can download all novels of Nighat Abdullah free of cost. She describes in this novel that listens to me that yesterday my mother was gone into your house. 

He is coming very fast and without any hesitation asking something about it and then I give smile on his activity and caring behavior. I mean what thinking your parents about him. I said don’t know about that he shocked and replied that what you mean dear. 

After a long discussion, she said listen, Ahsan! My parents give me a polite environment and education system by which I completed my graduation and also doing a good job. So, it does not means I take challenges against my parent’s wishes. 

Still, I depend on my parents and all the time follows their loving behavior and guidelines. In case your parents take a decision against me then what will be you do. In this situation, I never force my parents because I am the real asset of my parents and it is my responsibility to follow all the instructions accordingly. Now read complete Dil Se Uska Rishta and also share it on social media.