Sunday, August 12, 2018

Haalim Episode 8 By Nimra Ahmed PDF Free Download

Haalim Episode 8

Haalim Episode 8 By Nimra Ahmed PDF Free Download

Free Download Urdu Novel Haalim Episode 8 in PDF format. It is written by Nimra Ahmed in Urdu language. The title of this Haalim Episode 8 is Hum Qaidi Waqt Kay. Haalim Episode 8 is now available to download from our website. 

She listens that police calling to Muraad that come outside the house. He said to Taaliya that I have to go now the time is finished and there is no other solution. One thing I want to acquire from you that is you have to spend time for all those peoples. Also, retain as a secret every discussion we have made it about bamboo. 

Taaliya is still weeping and not in a position to say anything more and replied that why Bapa. Because from today Pamboro Baap is going to close now and Sultan prince calling to us back at Shahi Mahal. We will live for all time there. Read complete this novel after downloading and also share it on social media.