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Yaqeen Ka Safar Novel Download Pdf By Farhat Ishtiaq Online

yaqeen ka safar

Yaqeen Ka Safar Novel by Farhat Ishtiaq Free Download in PDF format. It is written by Farhat Ishtiaq in Urdu Language.

In this novel, I am going to deliver a very short review in both English and Urdu Language.

Yaqeen Ka Safar

“Dr. Zobia Khalil! Why do you want to do a job here? From last an hour someone is sitting very politely and asked that question with very confidence. In the interview panel team out of three only two members asking a question from her.

I mean why do you want to job here even by leaving your Peshawar city. This is not the first interview of her, she already goes through the same process many times. But don’t know why she is going to treat herself confused. In, fortunately, she struggled hard and prepare herself to compete with all the required questions in the upcoming interviews.

Because I am really satisfied with your salary package and work requirement and now ready to do the job very efficiently. After completing the house job, I really try a lot of times to get a job in any government sector but get failed all the time.

If I want to do a private job, then why not here in your company where I will get a handsome salary and desire Plans. She practices a lot of time to present good data in front of the employer but all remain flop.

The third man is still focusing on her even not take any interest in their degrees and all certificates. Maybe he is going to evaluate my confidence level and body language very carefully.

Her mother asked! What about your interview?

She said! Just pray because of someone told me that there are some other candidates, who give interview and it depends on luck.

I hope you really enjoy the novel, so download now from the given link below and share on social media with your friends.

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